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Timothy J. McCormack founded Thunder Beach in 2009 after selling his most recent facility in Omaha Nebraska. McCormack knew he wanted to stay in the venue development and sand sports industry. After sitting with multiple individuals that played at his facilities over the years the Thunder Beach Concept was developed. One person's comment was " Tim...You could do this anywhere" Within one year, the new business he created would be Called Thunder Beach. Over the last two years the concept has flourished. McCormack has created his system backed by over 24 years in the industry to create a concise and easy to follow franchise method. "We have systems for everything from the poles to the type of sand used at our facilities." This system that McCormack created is the hottest idea to hit the sand since lava! The unique mix of easy to play sports with add on revenue is a no brainer. In 2012 Thunder Beach will be franchising across 11 states.

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