Location, Location, Location.

Have unused land or parking lots by your business? We’re the perfect add-on profit center for you!

Looking for a franchise location? Let us help you locate the ideal spot!


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Our architecture is built to handle almost every land type available. From the moment your franchise is delivered to the moment the last volleyball poles enter the ground, our architecture team is there to make sure the build process is a seamless and smooth process. No other program can maximize your land use like Thunder Beach.


North & North East
• Number of Seasons: 3, Length: 9 Weeks

• Number of Seasons: 3, Length: 10 Weeks

• Number of Seasons: 4, Length: 8 Weeks

South & South West
• Number of Seasons: 6, Length: 8 Weeks


Grow Your Business

Do you already own a business and want to take it to the next level? Thunder Beach can help by increasing sales and accelerating your cash flow! We have the ability to drive hundreds of new customers in your door every night.

These customers then purchase your food and drinks and, when they return next week, bring their friends with them.

Sand volleyball is an enjoyable sport that anyone can play and so your facility becomes the newest hangout everyone is talking about!


Thunder Beach makes sense

If you were told that, at very little cost, you could use that empty field or parking lot next to your business to bring in hundreds of new customers every night at no hassle to you, would you take it?

That’s exactly what Thunder Beach offers you! Don’t get left out of this beach party. Go ahead and give us a call or click below for more information!


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