Location, Location, Location.

Have unused land or parking lots by your business? We’re the perfect add-on profit center for you!

Looking for a franchise location? Let us help you locate the ideal spot!


Current Locations:




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Our architecture is built to handle almost every land type available. From the moment your franchise is delivered to the moment the last volleyball poles enter the ground, our architecture team is there to make sure the build process is a seamless and smooth process. No other program can maximize your land use like Thunder Beach.


North & North East
• Number of Seasons: 3, Length: 9 Weeks

• Number of Seasons: 3, Length: 10 Weeks

• Number of Seasons: 4, Length: 8 Weeks

South & South West
• Number of Seasons: 6, Length: 8 Weeks


Thunder Beach Target franchise locations include:


Franchise Location Help

A Thunder Beach Franchise candidate has the option to find a Thunder Beach Franchise location and submit that location for Thunder Beach home office approval.

For a small cost, Thunder Beach Franchise candidates may also request Thunder Beach to help them find a location.

All locations must meet or exceed 17 points of the Thunder Beach 25 point location checklist.


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